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The carrier-grade IoT network built and operated by Everynet, using open, low-power LoRaWAN technology to provide wireless connectivity across the globe. We offer resilient 2-way communication and a mature ecosystem of solutions for all use-cases. From Utility Metering to Vehicle Tracking, Everynet has you covered. Streamline your network solutions today!

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Multiple levels of redundancy to deliver every data packet reliably

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Ecosystem of solutions to the most valuable use-cases across industries

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Live production network covering 95% of Puerto Rico​, ready to launch today

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Neutral-host operating model offers a shared yet secure infrastructure available to all service providers​

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Minimal investment and price elasticity to enable aggressive pricing at high volumes.

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Professionally managed through Everynet’s 24×365 Network Operating Centre​

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Everynet’s shared economy model enables local service providers and systems integrators to launch a professional IoT service without the need to procure, deploy and manage physical field infrastructure. Our cloud-based network allows you deploy services and solutions quickly and efficiently. For more information Click Here! 

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Own and operate management of users, devices and security keys

Outsource the Infrastructure

Lease wholesale network coverage with carrier grade service level agreements

Integrate to Your Systems

Business support system APIs to facilitate the integration of the service in to your own company platform

Helping Water Utilities Prevent Non-Revenue Water Loses

Water is a scarce resource for any country; this is especially true for a Caribbean island.  Everynet offers reliable, secure solutions that save you time and revenue.  Here is a example of what Everynet solutions can do for you:

  • Pinpoint losses due to leakages, illegal tapping, salt-water contamination
  • Improved visibility of the distribution network raises customer satisfaction
  • Automated meter reading to protect workforce during pandemic

Listos para mejorar los datos y la conectividad, para apoyar a los manufactureros claves y empresas de logística que lideran las industrias de la farmacéutica, dispositivos médicos …

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LoRa Alliance® members A2A Smart City, Everynet and Unidata supported the new “Decreto Semplificazioni” law and the amendments of Senator Maria Laura Mantovani that now enable permanent …

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La infraestructura para sumar a Puerto Rico a los esfuerzos mundiales del Internet de las Cosas (IoT, en inglés) se robusteció con la llegada de la red …

Puerto Rico_IoT with Overlay

Everynet launches its IoT network in Puerto Rico’s for Utility Infrastructure and Smart Cities San Juan – Everynet BV, the leading Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology …

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Everynet cover feature in IoTNow magazine, Q3 2019

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