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Without the burden of infrastructure

Everynet takes care of infrastructure operations & maintenance, so your connectivity business is free to focus on customer engagement & service differentiation

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Avoid the delays associated with vendor selection and supply chain management. Launch services and solutions immediately.

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Targeted Knowledge Programs

Receive sales enablement training, backed up by our 24×365 service help-desk.  Get the knowledge and assistance you need right away.

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Everynet neutral-host networks are the most highly utilized LoRaWAN® networks in the world with service in 157 countries.
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Ready Solutions

Fly through the PoC phase and go straight to well-established revenue-generating applications. Our solutions are ready to be implemented right away.

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Be In Control

Operate your own secure LoRaWAN® Network Server, included all customer user data and keys. Manage your services and solutions with ease.
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Virtualized Operations

Enter the IoT market with minimal investment, equipment, and risk. Everynet cloud-based solutions are efficient and inexpensive.

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Rapidly Serve the Growing IoT Market

Service providers, network operators, and systems integrators now have the opportunity to offer carrier-grade LPWA connectivity service without the burden of procuring, deploying, and maintaining physical infrastructure. Everynet has everything you need to get connected!

Fast-track your time-to-revenue by running your own LoRaWAN® Network Server (LNS) and leasing wholesale access to dense geographical coverage across the globe. Everynet cloud-based services allow you to focus on customer engagement and service differentiation instead of technical implementation. 

LoRaWAN® Network Server

Each service provider operates their own secure LNS to manage connections between users, devices, and applications. Every feature seen in the UI has an associated API allowing full integration within higher-level IoT platforms and business systems.

Powering the largest LoRaWAN® networks in the world, the Everynet platform provides well proven resilience and scalability, while offering the lowest cost base.  The Everynet low-power, high-range network provides affordable, yet reliable connectivity.

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Make a connection with Everynet today!

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