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Superbotão, The Super Button

Superbotão, The Super Button

Our Purpose

We want to improve people’s life quality by making sure they can have their gas replaced quickly and their meals ready on time even in remote areas.

The Challenge

Simplify the request for household gas replacement by facilitating the process as much as possible and avoid costs related to service centers. To achieve the result, fit for purpose devices need to be installed in households and connected to a reliable network in order to properly deliver the request and have it fulfilled as quickly as possible, with no mistakes.

Our Solution

Together, Everynet and its partner provide the network and the device to deliver a fast and precise service to households that need to have their gas replaced. The synergies between the new technologies speed up and facilitates the process. Clicking on the Superbotão automatically, sends a request for gas replacing to the designated operator, who will deliver the demanded product directly to the place where the call was made, with no intermediary layers involved.

Low cost icon

Low service

Rapid return on investment

Indoor and outdoor long range icon

Indoor and outdoor long range

Suitable to build your own rural coverage

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Strong and reliable signal even in tough conditions

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