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Transformer Monitoring System

Transformer Monitoring System

Our Purpose

We want people to be able to access and monitor their electric power consumption anytime, with no failures, at a fair price.

The Challenge

Transformer failure is causes extensive repair and long downtime, making huge monetary and non-monetary losses. That is why it is so important to extend transformers life expectancy as much as possible. To do this, sensors that monitor the functioning of transformers need to be connected to a reliable network that would allow for real time consulting of the data gathered and for alert setting.

Our Solution

Everynet and its partners provide the network and the devices to prevent transformers’ failures while monitoring energy consumption and variations. Connecting transformer sensors to a LoRaWAN Network helped monitor energy variables, oil temperature and level of a transformer. Moreover, alerts are sent in real time if anomalies are detected. Data are also available anytime a check is required.

Long-lasting battery life icon

Long-lasting battery life

Reduced maintenance and cost of ownership

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Precise GPS position

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Market-ready technology

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